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About Us

Our team of industry experts comprises of digital strategists, campaign managers, data scientists, copywriters, web designers, sales professionals, Internet marketers, tea drinkers and dog lovers.

...and our Cost Per Lead pricing model means we can establish a return on investment figure for our clients quickly and with ease.

Bottom line when it comes to online lead generation, we love IT!

We Think

We create bespoke lead generation solutions that dramatically increase the number of inbound leads to your business. We enrich  prospective contact data before segmenting, tagging and feeding it directly into your Customer Relationship Management system via an API, and we do all this on demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We Act

Partnering with us to enhance your online presence means you and your sales teams can focus on what you do best.

We take pride in practising what we preach and building high converting marketing campaigns that deliver exceptional ROI. Our expertise in people, process and project management ensures that together, we'll achieve your sales objectives.

We Do

We deliver real time leads, at scale, via robust, fast loading, fully managed cloud-based technology solutions. Our web properties not only look great but provide a superior user experience by engaging users with quality content, advertorials and quizzes so why waste thousands of pounds and 100's of hours on trying to figure out what we already know how to do in our sleep?

You Only Pay For Results

Having been online since 1999 we now use our experience to uncover hidden opportunities, increase sales revenues and reduce acquisition costs, and we do it all exceptionally well using the CPL (Cost Per Lead) model.

  • No complicated retainer contracts
  • No percentage of media spend
  • No upfront costs

The Reason

For Our Success

We do not charge set up fees, consultancy fees, copywriting fees, or any other fees associated with the marketing of your companies products or services. You are only charged for the ‘selling opportunities’ that we create as a direct result of our work and you invest solely in our ability to provide you with qualified prospects that have expressed a genuine interest in your company.

  • Dedicated qualified leads exclusively for you. 
  • Leads are not shared or distributed elsewhere
  • Genuine leads sent directly into your CRM
  • Local, national or international leads based on your business requirements
  • Simple and easy pay as you go service.
  • Increase or decrease your lead requirements at any-time
  • Replacement leads delivered at no cost should they not meet the agreed criteria


We help professional service business to stand out from the crowd and thrive online. We help our clients to lower their operational costs, increases their revenues and streamline their sales processes through the better application of technology.

At Digital Directive will set up your traffic campaigns, build out your marketing funnels, integrate your API and deliver buyer intent leads directly into your CRM in under 2 weeks. We offer a personalised and tailored approach to each and every one of our clients, big or small and whist over the years we have become experts in many areas of online lead generation, notably we are recognised for providing top quality leads, in high volumes and in real time, using the cost per lead (CPL) model.

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Online Lead Generation

Over the past 5 years, the team at Digital Directive have developed custom-built techniques and tools which consistently allow us to produce high quality (real time) web-leads with massive ROI for our clients.

Our lead generation campaigns have been tried and tested and our marketing funnels have had 7 figure budgets thrown at them, consistently, meaning they’re optimised for performance and deliver measurable results.

Technology Integration

Unless you’re using something like HubSpot, which we are not, then your end-to-end online lead generation solution will most likely comprise of many separate software solutions, including lead capture, lead delivery, content management, analytics and more. All of our solutions are bespoke, meaning whatever we use to generate leads will connect with whatever you use to manage them. Through your CRM’s API we ensure the lead delivery process is robust, efficient and most of all seamless. 

Technology Integration

Unless you’re using something like HubSpot, which we are not, then your end-to-end online lead generation solution will most likely comprise of at least 5 different sets of software, including those from the likes of Google, Automatic, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. All of our solutions are bespoke, meaning whatever we use to generate leads will connect with whatever you use to manage them. Through your CRM’s API we’ll ensure the lead delivery process is robust, efficient and most of all seamless. 

Market Research

Before we embark on any new project, we first conduct some serious in-depth market analysis to ascertain the what, why, when, where and how. Having a great offer is simply not enough, you need to know your customers inner thoughts, needs and desires so that you can position your brand as the only viable choice. We go way beyond keyword research, blending your message with your content at every available opportunity to make sure you stand out amongst the crowd. 

Search Engine Optimisation

It’s no secret that SEO done properly works wonders for any business, but it’s also well known that getting an old website ranked at the top of Google can be really, really, tough. We understand what it takes, and we know what needs to be done, which is why we start thinking about SEO long before we start building out a new solution. The truth is if you choose your keyword topic(s) carefully, build out your framework strategically and then methodically implement both your on-page and off-page SEO tactics, your website (or landing page) will rank. 

 So that’s what we do.

Pence Per Click

Through our affiliation with IMT, Digital Directive are proud to be one of only a handful of UK based companies to receive elite status of Premier Google Partner and one of only eleven companies in the UK to be considered a Facebook Marketing Partner. Our experience doesn’t stop with Google Ads and Facebook though as we also manage outstanding PPC campaigns across YouTube, Yahoo / Bing, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

Bottom line; we know each individual platform inside out and back to front which enables us to formulate the best integrated cross channel strategy for your business.

Marketing Automation

We use automation only when we have to, not just because we can. Put simply, we recognise that ultimately people buy from people not from marketing machines, so whilst we love connecting our lead forms to our funnels and our funnels to our CRM, we love nothing more than connecting a real prospect with a real sales person.

Funnel Building

If you think you can just download a click funnels template or reverse engineer a competitor’s campaign, think again. Each and every business is different, as are their customers, so although we follow a proven framework we build all of our marketing funnels from scratch using our own code and only the very best software on the market.

Managed Website Hosting

All hosting companies are not the same. 

We build all our web applications in WordPress and we host all of our sites with WP Engine. WP Engine is a leading web host in the managed WordPress host category used by thousands of business owners the world over. Having a managed hosting service means we take care of your site’s security so should your site ever get hacked, Digital Directive will cover the clean-up costs, guaranteed.

Websites & Landing Pages

A well-designed landing page will undoubtably increase conversions for your PPC, SEO and/or email marketing campaigns so rather than directing visitors from those sources to your main website (where they may have trouble finding what they’re actually looking for), we direct them to a specially designed high-converting landing page that steers them in exactly the direction we want them to take.

Sales Copy

Look at my amazing headline...please click my advert and then buy my stuff? 

Nope, I don't think so.

Today, more than ever, it's difficult to cut through the noise and find the truth. Our content writing methods rely on real-world data, sophisticated algorithms and state of the art artificial intelligence, which combined takes the guesswork out of marketing insights to ensure your message doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

All of our campaign copy will have a high motional value because that's where buying decisions are made!

Brand Creation (When We Have To)

In some cases, it’s true, we’ll build out our own virtual brands to allow us to capture leads at scale and work with smaller local companies, however, most of the clients we work with are well established in their own right and as such will already have a strong brand identify. Assuming this is you, we'll simply leverage your assets to recreate a new, better, online version of your landing page and then follow that through with messaging, auto-responders and well, whatever it takes.


Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search & YouTube. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your sales representatives.


Our elite certified Facebook Marketing techs will help you gain maximum reach, exposure and traction on the World's biggest social platform delivering you a measurable return on investment. 


Connect with the world’s largest audience of active, influential professionals. Launch a strategic InMail campaign in minutes and start connecting with more qualified prospects.


We retarget your traffic for higher conversions because retargeting ads across multiple  network means you can reach more than 90% of people across more than 2 million sites.

Social Media Marketing

Not only do we know how to create new and engaging content, we'll transform that content into long-term social media campaigns that will be dripped fed to your audience, driving traffic back to your website for months on end.

Search Engine Optimisation

We offer professional white hat SEO services that will guarantee you rank on page one. We focus on growing your web presence organically, paying attention not only to your website but also your overall authority online.

Our Unique 3 Step Approach

Awareness: we direct a ton of warm traffic to your website using both SEO (for long term) and PPC (for short term). 
Consideration: we leverage social media to position native display ads as we re-market to users who discover and engage with your website but don't convert first time. 
Conversion: we convince potential customers through quality content that your product or service will solve their issue and thus convert them to a qualified lead.

 What people are saying about our Top Dog...

Richard Butcher

Managing Director at Infradata

Neil is a highly driven, ambitious individual who gets results from hard work dedication and a well thought our approach to business. I have no hesitation recommending Neil as one of the most talented entrepreneurs and highest quality sales people I have had the pleasure to work with over the last twenty years

Nigel Sargeant

Publisher at BPL Media

Neil is an intelligent new media entrepreneur with an inherent talent for bringing new ideas to life. He has substantial knowledge in the web development arena and has demonstrated unique skills in rapidly establishing new on-line business opportunities for ICT communities.

Chris MacNeil

Official Brexit Advisor

We are very grateful for Neil's time on Sales Funnels and the proper set up and structuring of them. Neil is professional, courteous and personable . We are very pleased with the exceptional value Neil delivered and heartily recommend him for his knowledge, skills and delivery capability when it comes to online lead generation.


What is (CPC) Cost Per Click advertising?

When a person clicks on a paid advert, you (the advertiser) pays a fee. The cost will vary dramatically depending on the market sector, keywords, target demographics and the level of competition. A familiar example of CPC advertising is Google’s “Sponsored Links” these are the links that typically take the top 4 positions when Google returns a search result. In this example, companies bid to appear in the listings and pay a fee every time their ad is clicked. Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other websites also offer CPC advertising.

What is (PPL) Pay Per Lead or (CPL ) Cost Per Lead? 

Pay Per Lead or Cost Per Lead (PPL) are fundamentally the same marketing models, a form of partnership between an advertiser and a business owner where fees are calculated solely on the amount of leads delivered. 

What’s the difference between (CPC) Cost Per Click and (CPL) Cost Per Lead? 

CPC and CPL are both payment models used in digital marketing, however, they are quite different is an much as CPC charges every time a user clicks on your advert regardless of whether or not they complete an action thereafter, whereas CPL is only charged when enough clicks have been served to generate a qualified lead.

What constitutes a qualified lead?

A qualified lead is an enquiry that has been made, by a user, that has shown genuine interest in your products or services. A qualified lead will typically include name, email and phone number but can include a wide variety of additional data such as product types, cost expectations, delivery timeframe, etc. 

Why would I not just run my own CPC campaigns? 

Driving traffic to your landing page via Google CPC (or any other network) is really just a very small part of a much bigger picture. It is not uncommon for inexperienced users to pay upwards of £3 per click so it’s easy to see how quickly even the healthiest of budget can get depleted. Moreover, there are many other factors to consider when building out a successful campaign, all of which will affect the CPC. These typically include a quality score (how relevant your ad copy is), your keyword match types (broad, exact or phrase) plus your overall bid strategy, namely where you would ideally like your ad to be positioned. 

Why should I choose CPL over CPC?

CPL campaigns deliver a better price-performance ratio compared to standard CPC as advertisers only pay for successful leads. With CPC companies pay for clicks without any guarantee on return so whilst CPC can generate plenty of website visitors, many of these will not take any further action, which in turn results in lost opportunities.

What is the difference between Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)?

Cost Per Lead is the total cost of generating a single lead, as opposed to Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) which is the total cost of generating a new paying customer.

How much does a lead cost?

Obviously, the cost of a lead varies across industries and is directly linked to the amount of time and money it takes to capture the lead, however, calculating the estimated lead cost is done like this; 

Average order value (£4,500), divided by 3 (£1500) multiplied by 7% equals the estimated Cost Per Lead

If you've been barking up the wrong tree maybe it's time for a change?